Sunday, December 11, 2016

Zombie Hammer

About Zombie Hammer First established in 2012, Zombie Hammer has been featured on a large variety of album work, including works that have been produced by bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, among an number of others. They have also been written about on well-known and highly-regarded blogs such as “Dude I Want That.” Together with their Zombie Hammers, the company have also invested a lot of time, a lot of money, and a whole lot of energy in designing a line of Zombie Knives. These can be used for display purposes in your open home or in your commercial premises, or, indeed, they can be used for the decapitation of zombies, as was the original intention. It has always been Zombie Hammer’s goals to design the very coolest range of zombie weapons that are to be found on the planet, and to provide their community with an experience that is regarded as being second to none. Made in Phoenix, U.S. All of Zombie Hammer’s survival tools have been designed and manufactured to last longer than any other survival tools that you can possibly imagine. All Zombie Hammer survival tools are made in America, and manufactured using the best available American steel, and also reliant entirely on American labor. This dependency on America makes ZH’s survival tools the very best to be had. Honestly, it’s quite impossible to grip a Zombie Hammer™ without feeling like a true badass would feel. A note of warning, however: Do not be tempted to use any of the ZH product line on anything that is still alive. Custom Pieces Made by Zombie Hammer It’s possible, if not very likely, that you have some ideas buzzing around in your head and you are in need of someone that is as equally twisted as yourself to ensure that your ideas do in fact become a reality. If that does sound like you, then you should invite the Zombie Hammer personnel to be those twisted people to help you out. Simply use the Contact form on the Zombie Hammer website to provide ZH with a relatively basic concept of what it is that you want. The ZH personnel will reply to you in an instant (and certainly within a 24-hour period) so that you can discuss your dream project at great length, if you so wish. Rest assured, the guys at ZH are really looking forward to having at least a peak deep inside your sick head. If it’s as sick as theirs, you’re definitely onto a good thing! 

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